Tritan for water bottles and hydration

Reusable water bottles have evolved far beyond just sports, and so have the materials to make them. Water bottles need to be tough and able to withstand life's bumps and bruises. Bottles made with Eastman Tritan™ copolyester can do just that. Tritan is also stain and odor resistant, easy to clean and free of chemicals like BPA.

Bottles made with Tritan move with you throughout the day, no matter where you are — at home, in the car, at the gym or in the great outdoors.

People sit together and hold reusable water bottles made with Tritan.
A person drinking water from a clear, reusable bottle made with Tritan.

What makes Tritan different?

This high-performance material is sturdy, food contact safe and easy to clean. It’s perfect for those who take their water bottle everywhere. Tritan is the material of choice for any product in the hydration and water bottle market, including:

  • Water bottles
  • Nutritional and shaker bottles
  • Lidded tumblers
  • Stainless tumbler lids
  • Water filtration pitchers
Durability and shatter resistance

Tritan is exceptionally durable and shatter resistant, providing safe and long-lasting drinkware option that can withstand drops and impacts.

Food contact safe

Tritan is food contact safe, meets regulatory standards across the globe, and does not contain BPA, BPS or EA — ensuring consumer safety and peace of mind.

Dishwasher safe

Our drinkware is designed to be dishwasher safe, making cleaning and maintaining the product's aesthetics and clarity.

Odor and stain resistance

Tritan's distinctive properties make it effortless to reuse bottles without worrying about lingering stains or odors impacting the drinking experience.

High-temperature stability

Tritan's ability to handle hot and cold beverages without deforming or being damaged ensures a versatile and reliable bottle option.

Styling versatility

Tritan can be easily molded into various shapes, allowing for creative and unique bottle designs that align with brand aesthetics.

Clarity and color options

Tritan offers excellent clarity, resembling traditional glass, it can be easily tinted or colored to meet brand preferences or consumer demands.

Outdoor use

Its durability and safety make Tritan drinkware ideal for outdoor use, providing a worry-free experience, even around bare feet.

A hand holds a clear, teal blue, reusable bottle made with Tritan.

Discover Tritan Renew

We offer Tritan Renew, a 50% certified recycled* material. It offers the same high performance and food contact safety as Tritan with the added benefit of sustainability.

Tritan Renew is created through molecular recycling, which helps divert waste from landfills and has a lower carbon footprint compared to products made from traditional fossil fuel processes. With Tritan Renew, customers can confidently meet their sustainability goals.

*Certified through ISCC mass balance allocation

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A toddler holds a raccoon-designed sippy cup made with Tritan.

Uncover the possibilities with Tritan

Tritan offers a large product portfolio that enables customers to create a spectrum of products ranging from baby bottles to small and large appliances, all designed to enhance everyday life.

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