Tritan for audio

Tritan™ engineered polymers have proven to be durable materials that minimize resonance of cabinets and enclosures, enhancing long-term listening experiences. By reducing housing resonance and interference, Tritan also improves active noise cancellation and prevents feedback and feed-forward systems from becoming unstable.

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Advanced housing materials

While continuing to introduce new audio technology, the industry has had to wait for innovative housing materials to keep pace. Here are a few of the ways Tritan and Tritan Renew enhance user experience in audio devices:

  • Reduce resonance within enclosure
  • Improve active noise cancellation
  • Prevent feedback and feed-forward system instability by reducing interference from the housing

These advanced materials also reduce load on digital signal processing (DSP) in high-end speakers by:

  • Minimizing computational load through resonance removal, leading to longer battery life
  • Requiring less computing power from the PCB to mitigate costs
  • Increasing the efficiency of speaker/microphone systems by reducing echo
  • Allowing for higher sound pressure levels (SPL) in speaker systems that incorporate microphones by reducing echo and reverberation

Plus, Tritan Renew gives discerning music lovers many sound reasons to support sustainability without compromising their high acoustic standards.

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Discover Tritan Renew

Tritan Renew from Eastman helps improve acoustic performance with the same noise damping benefits as the original Tritan — but with an emphasis on sustainability. Tritan Renew is the first material made from Eastman’s molecular recycling technology — with up to 50% certified recycled content.* So Tritan Renew reduces the plastic waste going to landfills, incinerators and the environment.

*Certified recycled content allocated using ISCC mass balance.

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Craft resilient, wearable electronics

Tritan and Tritan Renew offer proven advantages in wearables as well as in portable and stationary devices. Both offer a unique combination of excellent inherent impact strength, flex fatigue resistance and chemical resistance to skin oils and body lotions — making them perfect for devices with repeated or extended skin contact. Tritan and Tritan Renew stand up to flex stress and repeated or extended skin contact in headphones, earbuds, fitness trackers, and virtual reality housings and frames.

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Uncover the possibilities with Tritan

Tritan's large and versatile product portfolio empowers customers to create products designed to enhance and endure everyday life, including audio devices, phone cases and electronics. It can be used across a diverse range of applications, delivering the signature quality that defines the Tritan brand.

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