Cosmetics packaging made from Tritan

Products tell a story. With Eastman Tritan™ copolyester, you can tell your story your way. Tritan is a high-performance copolyester used to create beautiful cosmetics and personal care packaging. Whether it’s for shampoo bottles or eye shadow palettes, Tritan helps cosmetic brands unleash their creativity and design packaging that embodies their brand identity while providing sustainable options.

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Stand out with Tritan

Packaging should reflect the quality of the product within. Tritan copolyester stands out as packaging material that embodies luxury, high performance and sustainability. Renowned brands and top manufacturers worldwide prefer Tritan. With its remarkable versatility and wide range of properties, Tritan is an obvious choice to showcase your cosmetic products and capture the attention of your customers.

Chemical resistance

Tritan is chemically resistant, making it perfect for a variety of cosmetic formulations. It can endure exposure to ingredients, oils, acids and solvents without compromising integrity or product quality.

Design flexibility

Tritan’s versatility empowers brands to create intricate shapes and eye-catching designs. This flexibility gives brands the opportunity to make their products stand out in the market while staying true to their brand identity.

Precision fit

Tritan offers packaging with precision fit with snap-fit and clip-on caps and closures, ensuring the contents stay fresh and preventing leaks to maintain product integrity over time.

Durable and shatter resistant

Tritan packaging is a reliable and safe option for manufacturers and consumers. Its robustness reduces the risk of breakage, ensuring the product remains intact during transportation, handling and everyday use.


Unlike glass, Tritan lets consumers enjoy the convenience of lightweight packaging without compromising the product’s protection or quality.

Versatile and compatible

Tritan is compatible with manufacturing processes, including injection molding, blow molding, injection stretch and extrusion blow molding. It provides flexibility for different product types and sizes to meet specific packaging requirements.


Tritan shines with a stunning luster and clarity, even at significant thickness. Its thick-wall capability creates a visually stunning appearance, adding to its overall shelf appeal.

Sustainable options

Tritan Renew, made with up to 85% recycled content,* offers a sustainable choice to brands and manufacturers. With Tritan Renew, brands can minimize waste, attract environmentally conscious consumers and distinguish themselves in the market.

*Certified recycled content allocated using ISCC mass balance.

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Reusable containers

Set your products apart with durable cosmetic packaging that can be reused repeatedly. Thanks to Tritan’s incredible toughness and durability, it’s easy to reuse cosmetic packaging, reduce waste from disposable options and minimize the need for new materials. This helps protect the environment and provides long-term cost savings for brands, manufacturers and consumers.

Refillable containers

Minimize your environmental impact with refillable cosmetic packaging. Tritan cosmetic packaging eliminates the need for single-use containers, helping conserve resources, reduce landfill waste and minimize carbon emissions over time. By offering convenience and flexibility to consumers, we can empower them to make sustainable choices while enjoying your products.

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Explore Tritan products for cosmetic packaging

Unleash your imagination with Tritan. We provide a wide range of possibilities for cosmetic packaging, helping brands innovate and create a lasting impression on customers. Whether you’re creating skin care, hair care or cosmetic products, Tritan and Tritan Renew offer tailored solutions to meet your specific needs.

Uncover the possibilities with Tritan

Tritan offers diverse applications that enable customers to create a spectrum of items used every day, from eye frames to small and large appliances. We take great pride in our commitment to create materials made with recycled content and inspire manufacturers and brands to use them to produce high-quality products.

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Discover Cristal for personal care products

In addition to Tritan, Eastman offers Cristal and Cristal Renew copolyester for personal care products and cosmetic packaging. These materials provide outstanding clarity, luster, transparency and performance, making them ideal for applications from skin care jars to color cosmetics packaging.

Beautiful packaging begins with the right materials.

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