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Introducing Eastman Tritan™ copolyester for the water filtration market

Eastman Tritan™ copolyester and Eastar™ copolyester are now available for brand owners who market point-of-use and point-of-entry water filtration systems. Tritan and Eastar are NSF-compliant materials that deliver the benefits of transparent filter with excellent durability, improved chemical resistance, and toughness.

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Key advantages of Tritan and Eastar in the water filtration market include:
  • Transparent filter housings – clearly seeing the filter media can drive more frequent filter changes – and higher sales.

  • Enhanced chemical resistance – important in applications in which the filter housing comes into contact with chemicals, such as used in sanitation, pest control, and water system winterization.

  • Clarity and toughness – when put up against two competitive materials — talc-filled polypropylene and SAN — in a rigorous drop-impact test, Eastman Tritan™.

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The excellent clarity of Eastman Tritan™ copolyester comes from a combination of good transmittance and very low haze. The clarity of housings made with Tritan is enhanced by reduced stress cracking from incompatibility with cleaners. The crystal clarity of Tritan allows greater tintability options, compared with the noticeable blue cast of SAN.


Eastman’s portfolio of water filtration solutions offers excellent durability while resisting cracking and crazing. Durable clarity can lead to increased sales of filtration media and improved customer satisfaction, while inherent toughness can reduce liability from product failures. The durability of Tritan also opens more options for welding and other secondary operations.

Processing Ease

Eastman Tritan™ copolyester has the potential to simplify processing by reducing the need for annealing to relieve molded-in stresses as often is required with PC. Eastman is prepared to collaborate early in the design process to ensure that wall thickness, processability and other factors are addressed to meet fitness for use requirements. Tritan is significantly tougher and less brittle, which can improve processability and extend useful life.


The inherent toughness Tritan and Eastar bring to the market can reduce product failures, such as bursting or breaking. Testing demonstrates that water filters can be designed from Tritan and Eastar copolyesters to meet hydrostatic and burst pressure requirements. Its toughness also can reduce scrap from breakage that can occur during processing SAN and other brittle polymers.

Chemical Resistance

The toughness and chemical resistance of Tritan help ensure longer filter housing life and potentially reduce brand owner liability related to breakage, cracking and product failure. The enhanced chemical resistance characteristic of Tritan may become a more important factor in applications where the housing will come into contact with bug sprays or harsh cleaners, or in applications, such as RVS or boats, where water systems are winterized with food contact grade glycols.
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