​​​​Aerospace applications​​​​​

Aerospace industry leaders seek coating formulations that deliver performance, aesthetics, and regulatory compliance. Developed and supported by our team of technical experts, Eastman aerospace solutions are tailored to the global commercial, military, general, and business aviation markets.

Enhanced coatings
Aerospace products face the most demanding conditions imaginable. These coatings must be flexible while resisting chemicals and maintaining a beautiful finish.

Eastman Solus™ performance additives bring all these properties to aerospace coatings, including 2K polyurethane topcoats used on large aircrafts. They’re proven to improve application properties and drying characteristics in aerospace formulas.

In some cases, Solus™ can also provide hydroxyl functionality. Select Solus™ additives also allow the product to cross-link with isocyanates to provide a cured film that maintains resistance and flexibility.

Better cleaning and surface prep options
Every aircraft’s coating process begins with a good cleaning. Traditional solvents such as methyl ethyl ketone (MEK) and toluene evaporate quickly and could leave users outside of regulatory compliance.

Eastman’s methyl propyl ketone (MPK) solvent satisfies the rigorous aerospace performance requirements. MPK has replaced MEK for end users who want a balance between performance and environmental compliance. This balance comes from its strong solvency power, readily biodegradable status, and a higher flash point than MEK.

Eastman MPK has a vapor pressure of 27.8 mm at 20°C, well below the 45-mm limit for compliance with National Emission Standards for Hazardous Air Pollutants (NESHAP) requirements for hand-wipe cleaning operations for aerospace.

MPK industrial and high-purity grades are approved and in accordance with Boeing Material Specification (BMS) 11-9 and BAC 5750.

From cleaning to pretreatment, Eastman MPK is an effective, non-HAP solvent alternative for your aerospace operations.

To learn more about how Eastman can enhance your aerospace coatings, contact an Eastman representative.

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