3D markets for fused filament fabrication

​The potential of 3D printing and additive manufacturing is astounding, representing new opportunities for manufacturing, health care, technology, education, and retail. 

Amphora is helping 3D markets usher in increased customization, greater efficiency, and unleashed creativity.

3D printed of Carabineers
3D printing for prototyping

3D printing for prototyping

Prototype like a pro.

Use engineer-grade Amphora 3D polymer for prototyping.
  • Exhibits advanced overhang ability and material integrity
  • Superior dimensional stability
  • Allows thorough testing of fit and functionality
  • No degradation at high temperatures
  • Smooth flow through the extrusion nozzle​
3D printing for education

3D printing for education

Only one polymer makes the grade.

Bring 3D printing into the classroom with low-odor, styrene-free Amphora.
  • Ideal for elementary through high school to higher education
  • Ideal for wherever air quality is paramount and ventilation may be limited
  • Presents opportunities to develop new curricula that modern communities demand
  • Hassle-free option for educators that is both functional and aesthetically pleasing
  • In art class, scrience labs or shops - produces functional and aesthetic parts beautifully
3D printing for hobbyists

3D printing for hobbyists

Unleash your creativity.

Amphora 3D polymer helps makers and hobbyists realize their visions.
  • Low emissions, beauty, and virtually no odor
  • Advanced overhang capabilities and superior strength
  • Creates prints not possible with other materials
  • Smooth flow through the extrusion nozzle empowers the creation of durable, more useful items
3D printing for other markets

3D printing for other markets

The best fit at the right time

Amphora 3D polymer helps businesses smoothly solve problems.
  • Short-run manufacturing: Compared to other 3D filaments, Amphora retains the toughness often associated with injection molding. Because it delivers smooth processing through extrusion nozzles with less breakage, Amphora is a practical polymer that can produce functional products in a short time frame—without the need for rejiggering complex molding systems.
  • ​​Replacement parts: With Amphora, you get engineering-grade performance and parts that can be printed with less support material, resulting in cost savings over materials that require additional support printing. Its superior toughness ensures part integrity.
  • Retail: 3D printing allows retailers to create one-of-a-kind, customized products. And with low-odor and emissions, Amphora allows​ shops to produce spot-on products on the spot.