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“I wanted to thank you for going above and beyond to help us with our technical applications of Eastman’s Bioextend 30 antioxidant. Eastman’s Technical Service is truly world class and professional. In fact I’ve recommended Eastman to many of my colleagues in the biodiesel industry; not only because Eastman is our preferred supplier of high quality antioxidant, but for the invaluable technical support you have provided.”

Soy beaker– Lab Manager from a southern U.S. biofuel producer

“BioExtend™ is consistent, reliable and allowed us to produce a better biodiesel, effectively doubling our production from the start of the year.”

– Production Manager from a midwestern U.S. biofuel producer

“Eastman BioExtend™ is a strong performing antioxidant.”

– Quality Manager from a leading U.S. biofuel producer

“BioExtend™ works great! It’s very easy to use and I will not use anything else.”

– Plant Manager from a western U.S. biofuel producer