All antioxidants are not equal.

For more stable biodiesel, turn to a more powerful solution.

As a renewable source of energy, biodiesel is a promising alternative that helps corporations and individuals alike move toward greater sustainability. However, because it's derived from vegetable oils and animal fats, biodiesel can start to oxidize as soon as it's produced. Oxidation leads to the formation of solids and deposits that clog filters, damage equipment, and render biodiesel ineffective. And in the end, ineffective biodiesel can adversely affect your reputation and sales.

The solution is, in fact, a solution.

With superior performance at low concentrations, Eastman BioExtend™ antioxidant solutions inhibit the oxidation process to prolong the shelf life of biodiesel. And in some cases, it can also revitalize already oxidized fuel.

With a metal chelator to protect against metal contamination, BioExtend is a powerful biodiesel stabilizer backed by Eastman's long history and expertise in food antioxidants.

Where will biodiesel take you? That may depend on where you can take your biodiesel.

Go further with Eastman BioExtend™ antioxidant solutions.