Eastman Omnia™ high-performance solvent
Eastman Omnia™ high-performance solvent

Cleaning with care—a safe ingredient for tough dirt

Eastman Omnia™ high-performance solvent has an excellent safety profile that enables formulators and end users to comply with increasingly stringent regulatory and market demands. Omnia is also readily biodegradable and non-flammable, helping ensure the safety of people and the environment.

It meets California Environmental Protection Agency Air Resource Board (CARB) and United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) exemptions for lo​w vapor pressure VOCs for regulated consumer products. It was developed to meet US 3rd party industry standards such as EPA Safer Choice's Solvent Screen and CleanGredients® database.

1Listed in the chemical class of solvents as Eastman
 Omnia™ Solvent
2Listed under functional-use class of solvents as
  "Butyl 3-hydroxybutyrate" CAS# 53605-94-0
  safe solvent, LVP-VOC solvent listed on Cleangredients and compliant with CARB, EPA, and REACH
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