What is a good technique for CNC routing Spectar sheet?

Standard carbon single- and double-cutting bits with polished flutes for plastic materials give good results. Removing chips from the cutting area is very important to obtain a good surface finish. It is suggested to use cutting tools with a shank diameter (D1) larger than 0.236 in. (6 mm). Running direction should be set in reference to the design of the tooling (right or left helix) clockwise or counterclockwise to transport the chip directly out of the cutting area.

Suggestions for CNC routing Spectar

  • Vibration must be minimized or eliminated.
  • Chips formed during the cutting process must be removed from cutting area efficiently.
  • Use router bits with highly polished flutes.
  • Compressed air can be used to aid in chip removal and cool down the cutting bit.
  • Rough cutting spindle RPMs range from 18,000–38,000 with feed rates of 118–314 in./min (3–8 m/min).
  • Higher spindle RPMs (28,000–38,000) show better results for single-tooth cutters.
  • Lower spindle RPMs (18,000–24,000) show better results for double-tooth cutters.
  • The higher the cutting speed, the smoother the surface.
  • Single- or double-cutting up-spiral cutter is preferred.

Click on the following image to view a video on sawing and routing Spectar sheet.

CNC routing video


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