Eastman Vestera™ cellulosic fiber
Eastman Vestera™ cellulosic fiber

Nonwovens for patient care

Eastman Vestera™ cellulosic fiber offers something new and different—it’s high on versatility with a great sustainability message for all.

In patient care, you want only the best for your patients. You want the most absorbent wipes available that are also soft to the touch—for cleaning your patients’ most delicate areas. Vestera meets those needs. Your patients deserve the best, so give them Vestera.

Wipes made with Vestera are a new innovation in the market. Cellulose-based Vestera is derived from sustainably managed forests, is fully biodegradable, and is processed in a sustainable manner, including recycling of process solvents and routine monitoring of the water returned to source streams for cleanliness and safety.

Vestera outperforms viscose in softness, absorbency, and patternability and offers premium softness for your customers with the versatility of being manufactured in carded, air-laid, or wet-laid processes as well as varying fiber structures.

Vestera can be used in many different applications—from wet wipes to facial masks to industrial applications.

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Vestera nonwovens for patient care
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