High performance antioxidant

Eastman BioExtend 30 is a combination of 30% MTBHQ, a very powerful antioxidant, with an effective chelating agent. This unique combination significantly boosts the antioxidative power to effectively inhibit the rapid oxidation of biodiesel. Unlike other antioxidants, only small quantities of Eastman BioExtend™ antioxidant are required to achieve targeted stability levels, providing effective and durable protection.

Eastman BioExtend 30 provides superior oxidative stability in biodiesel produced from a variety of raw materials: soy, rapeseed, sunflower, palm, and a wide variety of other sources.

Superior Antioxidative Power 


Biodiesel OSI with antioxidants
(@ 200 ppm active)

BioExtend with Antioxidants 

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