Outstanding results

All antioxidants are not equal. All aim to address the same concern and extend the shelf life of biodiesel, but they do not perform equally. Eastman BioExtend™ high-performance antioxidant solution is highly effective at low concentration–making it an ideal choice to meet European standards and the U.S. suggested OSI. Unlike other antioxidants Eastman BioExtend is a dual system, acting in the initiation phase as well as the propagation phase and, therefore, is highly efficient in slowing down the oxidation process.

Furthermore, Eastman BioExtend comes in a solution, so it's unnecessary to dissolve it. Eastman BioExtend remains a solution at low temperatures (-25° to -30°C) so there is no need to worry about storage in cooler climates.


Antioxidant effectiveness
in soy biodiesel

Antioxidant Effectiveness in Soy Biodiesel 
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