Oil and gas processing

Eastman Therminol® heat transfer fluids

We rely on efficient and economical sources of energy and heat to provide the power to run our factories, heat and cool our homes, refrigerate and cook our food, and transport people and goods from one destination to another. Therminol heat transfer fluids have played a significant role in hydrocarbon processing industries and applications such as petrochemicals, oil and gas processing, and refining that help to satisfy those needs. For more information visit www.therminol.com.

Eastman AdapT® Solvents

Eastman AdapT flexible gas sweetening solutions cover a range of acid gas removal solvents and specialized services that can be tailored to meet individual gas treatment needs. Our products are designed for use in H2S and CO2 removal processes for application in tail gas treatment, syngas treatment, refinery gas treatment, natural gas processing, ammonia production, and acid gas enrichment. Our services include operator training, sample analysis, troubleshooting, and simulations. For more information, visit www.adaptsolvents.com.

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