Chemical synonyms:

   Methyl Hydrogenated Rosinate

Product description

Foralyn™ 5020-F CG hydrogenated rosinate, a cosmetic grade resin, is the methyl ester of hydrogenated gum rosin. This liquid resin has good oxidative stability and is given a special steam-sparging treatment to ensure minimum odor. With its low odor and low vapor pressure, Foralyn 5020-F CG is particularly useful as a fragrance fixative. It has excellent solubility and compatibility with non-polar and many polar ingredients in cosmetic applications, contributing both adhesion and gloss.


  • Cosmetic ingredients - lips
  • Fragrance ingredients
  • Skin care ingredients

    Key attributes

    • Contributes to adhesion
    • Derived from a natural, renewable source
    • Excellent plasticizer
    • Fragrance fixative
    • Good oxidative stability
    • High gloss (high refractive index)
    • Low color
    • Low odor
    • Wide solubility and compatibility range

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      Product availability

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      • Europe, Middle East, & Africa
      • North America

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