Product description

Successful preservation of different on-farm feedstuffs plays an important role in high-productive and cost-effective milk and feed production.

When ensiling grass, crimped grains or other crops, the preservation procedure is based on low pH and anaerobic conditions. AIV® products are an effective tool to quickly decrease the pH to the target level supports lactic acid fermentation and effectively inhibits growth of normal microbes and malfermentation. Using Eastman products in ensiling ensures the right fermentation process even under challenging harvest conditions and with different crops.

AIV Pro NC is an advanced formic acid based product for anaerobic preservation and for improved aerobic stability after silo opening. Formic acid as the strongest organic acid lowers the pH of silage enabling the formation of undissociated forms of propionic acid, which in turn has a strong inhibitory effect against yeasts and moulds. Reduced metal corrosion compared to straight acids. Contains color in order to help reading of application rate.


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