Product description

Laser-focused customization

Eastman Amphora™ SP1621 3D polymer is ideal for a variety of powder-based additive manufacturing techniques, including laser sintering (LS) processes and non-laser powder-based sintering processes, such as high-speed sintering. One of the highest resolution and production-scalable methods for additive manufacturing, LS systems use lasers to sinter fine powders to create three-dimensional parts. Compared to extrusion methods that use polymer filament, LS printers enable creation of intricate designs because the powder bed acts as a support during the printing process—buttressing the overhangs, undercuts, and thin-walled designs until the polymer sinters.

Other non-laser based technologies use infrared energy instead of lasers to sinter the powdered polymers. Heat-absorbing agents are jetted into the powder to precisely melt it in the desired areas. Amphora™ SP1621 provides significant advantages to both types of processes, including the ability to utilize a broad processing window, recycle the powder that has not been fused, and create highly detailed prints. Amphora™ SP1621 is a superior alternative to thermoplastic polyurethane powder and nylon-based elastomer powders—creating 3D products with enhanced toughness, abrasion resistance, tear and fatigue resistance, and flexibility. And, unlike some other materials, Amphora™ SP1621 requires limited post-processing, saving time and the costs associated with polishing, painting, infiltration, and dyeing.


  • Apparel
  • Footwear
  • Non-kitchen appliances
  • Other-transportation
  • Point-of-purchase
  • Small appliances non-food contact
  • Sporting equipment
  • Tools
  • Tpe
  • Truck/bus/RV

    Key attributes

    • Ease of Processing
    • Flexibility
    • High printing resolution
    • High Recyclability
    • Superior compression and rebound properties
    • Toughness

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