Product Description

Chemical name: Blend of alkyl-aryl-p-phenylenediamines
Molecular weight: 268/282

Santoflex™ 134PD functions as a synthetic polymer stabilizer and can be used as a high activity antidegradant for natural and synthetic elastomer compounds.


  • Santoflex™ 134PD is a 1:2 blend of N-1,3-dimethylbutyl-N'-phenyl-p-phenylenediamine (Santoflex™ 6PPD) and N-1,4-dimethylpentyl-N'-phenyl-p-phenylenediamine (Santoflex™ 7PPD). Both constituents show comparable activity. Therefore, their blends can be regarded as similar to Santoflex™ 6PPD in terms of performance in rubber.
  • Santoflex™ 134PD provides efficient stabilization for a wide range of solution and emulsion polymerized elastomers that can tolerate discoloration.
  • The product provides powerful antiozonant and antioxidant properties with excellent high temperature flex fatigue resistance to rubber compounds.
  • Santoflex™ 134PD is a liquid at room temperature, providing handling advantages over heated liquid PPD's.
  • Santoflex™ 134PD provides compound protection against catalytic degradation by copper and other heavy metals.
  • Santoflex™ 134PD has no negative effects on compound adhesion to textiles or steel cord up to levels of 2 phr. Above this concentration it may bloom and interfere with ply to ply and ply to cord adhesion.
  • It will discolor compounds and cause severe contact and migration staining.


  • Polymer modification
  • Tires

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