Product Description

Chemical name: N,N'-Bis(1,4-dimethylpentyl)-p-phenylenediamine
Molecular weight: 305

Eastman Santoflex™ 77PD acts as a high activity antiozonant to protect natural and synthetic elastomer compounds, particularly in static applications for compounds containing no wax.


  • Santoflex™ 77PD is used in compounds subjected to static conditions for long periods of time, i.e. tires used in aircraft, OTR, mobile homes, and agricultural equipment, as well as structural mounts, fixed hoses, gaskets, etc.
  • Santoflex™ 77PD provides stabilization for a wide range of solution and emulsion polymerized elastomers that can tolerate discoloration.
  • Flex fatigue protection properties obtained with Santoflex™ 77PD vary between types of elastomers and temperatures. It protects 50/50 blends of NR and BR better than 100% NR unless the blended rubber product is put into a high temperature service. At high temperatures Santoflex™ 77PD vaporizes, rendering it less effective.
  • Due to its high solubility in rubber, the product does not bloom or easily leach from compounds even at high concentrations.
  • Santoflex™ 77PD provides compound protection against catalytic degradation by copper and other heavy metals.
  • It will discolor compounds and cause severe contact and migration staining.


  • Polymer modification
  • Tires
  • Water treatment industrial

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