Product Description

Tritan™ EX501 is an amorphous copolyester specifically developed for the Infant Care market. Its most outstanding features are consistent glass-like clarity even after multiple dishwasher cycles. Additionally, Tritan™ EX501 exhibits low taste and odor retention versus cPP, excellent drop impact resistance, and dishwasher durability. Tritan™ EX501 contains a mold release derived from vegetable based sources. Tritan™ EX501 meets infant care sterilization requirements via boiling water or microwave steam sterilization. This new-generation copolyester can also be molded into various applications without incorporating high levels of residual stress. Combined with Tritan™ copolyester's outstanding chemical resistance and hydrolytic stability, these features give molded products enhanced durability in the dishwasher environment, which can expose products to high heat, humidity, and aggressive cleaning agents.

Tritan™ EX501 can be converted into parts using injection molding, injection stretch blow molding (ISBM), and extrusion blow molding techniques.

Tritan™ EX501 copolyester may be used in repeated-use food contact articles under United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA) regulations. Contact an Eastman representative for details on global food contact regulatory clearances.

Eastman Tritan™ EX501 copolyester is included in Eastman Chemical Company’s Customer Notification Procedure which details our policy for customer notification when significant changes are made in Tritan™ EX501 sold into the infant care market. This procedure provides the infant care industry an added layer of confidence in the consistent quality and performance of Tritan.


  • Baby bottles/sippy cups
  • Childcare items
  • Infant/toddler

Key Attributes

  • Dishwasher durability: Chemical resistance; Heat resistance; Hydrolytic stability
  • Drop impact resistance
  • Glass-like clarity
  • Global food contact regulatory clearances
  • Low taste and odor retention
  • Stain resistance
  • Sterilization capable via microwave steaming and boiling water immersion

Regulatory Information and Data Sheets

Product Availability

Check with local Sales Office to determine exact availability by country. Orders subjected to minimum order quantity.
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