Eastotac H-130L Resin


  • Adhesives/sealants-B&C
  • Bookbinding
  • Carpet construction
  • Case and carton closures
  • Casting wax
  • Film modification
  • Labels non food contact
  • Packaging tape
  • Polymer modification
  • Protective coatings
  • Road markings
  • Roofing
  • Specialty tape
  • Tires
  • Wire/cable

Key attributes

  • Broad compatibility with numerous elastomers, polymers, and other tackifying resins
  • Consistent quality
  • Excellent heat stability
  • Light color
  • Low odor

Product description

Eastotac™ H-130L is a hydrogenated hydrocarbon resin, having a ring and ball softening point of 130°C and a molten Gardner color of 2. Eastotac H-130L has excellent compatibility with APAO (amorphous poly-alpha-olefins), metallocene-catalyzed polyolefins, as well as the midblock of SIS (styrene-isoprene-styrene), and SEBS (styrene-ethylene/butylene-styrene) block copolymers, and is frequently used in hygiene adhesives, packaging and assembly adhesives, and sealants.

Product availability

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  • Asia Pacific

  • Europe, Middle East & Africa

  • Latin America

  • North America

Authorized distributors

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