Eastman offers an array of materials, including Eastman Spectar™ copolyester, that enable sign and point-of-purchase display manufacturers to thermoform colorful, high-gloss, intricate designs that are resistant to virtually anything you can throw at them. Discover how Eastman Spectar copolyester is changing these markets.

Sanitary barriers

Sanitary barriers

The installation of sanitary barriers, also known as sneeze guards, in businesses and other locations is recommended wherever possible by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) to help prevent the spread of COVID-19. This has created a growing demand for plexiglass and other types of clear plastic barriers meant to keep us safe. Eastman Spectar™ copolyester is the right choice for your retail barrier. Spectar is BPA-free, environmentally friendly, fire and shatter resistant, long lasting, and resistant to common commercial cleaning agents. Spectar extrudes into copolyester sheet that is versatile and easy to work with, making it ideally suited for use in demanding sheet applications.

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Graphic Arts

Graphic arts

There are literally hundreds of commercially available inks and paints that can be used to decorate sheet of Eastman Spectar™ copolyester. When choosing ink or paint, consideration should be given to the fitness-for-use requirements of the decorated parts.

Many printing processes can be used with Spectar sheet. The recommended process depends largely on the configuration, production volume, and fitness-for-use requirements of the finished part. Specifically, formulated inks are available to meet the specific needs for a given end use.

Spray painting:
Conventional spray-painting techniques are often used to decorate large panels made of Spectar copolyester, and there are commercial spray paints available for the material. When selecting paint, carefully consider fitness-for-use requirements such as dry-film adhesion and impact-strength retention. Obtain more detailed information about these characteristics from the paint supplier.

Building and construction

Building and construction

Few building materials offer designers and architects more freedom than plastics. Formed in a limitless array of shapes and colors, plastics are lightweight and easy to install. They can promote energy efficiency—in structures and in processes alike. And they can be made into highly durable, highly appealing installations that can withstand the wear and tear of heavy use. Spectar copolyester can help you build something beautiful, sustainable, and truly remarkable.

You’ll find Spectar in a variety of architectural applications, including:
  • Lighting diffusers—commercial and industrial
  • Skylights
  • Decorative walls and partitions
  • Wall protection, handrails, and corner guards
  • Decorative laminates
Visual Merchandising

Visual merchandising

Sheet made of Eastman Spectar™ copolyester is the answer to breakage and cost concerns associated with glass or acrylic store fixtures and displays. The sparkling clarity and durability of Spectar make it ideal for showcasing products in a harsh retail environment. And the design possibilities are limited only by your imagination.

Spectar copolyester can be found in many retail applications, such as:
  • Displays and fixtures
  • Indoor signage
  • Point of purchase (POP)
  • Shelving systems