Eastman solvents and coalescents that qualify as a FIFRA inert ingredient based on CAS number, in the U.S.

Inert ingredients

FIFRA 2(m) defines inert ingredient as "an ingredient which is not active." Inert ingredients may be solvents, carriers, perfumes, dyes, and surfactants. They include any substance, or group of structurally similar substances, other than the active ingredient(s) that are intentionally included in a pesticide product. Inert ingredients are regulated under both FIFRA and FFDCA.

Food use

A food use is a use in, on or around or that may come into contact with food, including water for human consumption; feed, including water for animal consumption; or livestock unless a review of all available data supports the conclusion that the use will not result in residues in the food (including water for human consumption) or feed (including water for animal consumption).

Nonfood use

Permitted solely for use in pesticide products applied to nonfood use sites, such as ornamental plants, highway right-of-ways, rodent control, etc. Food use is not permitted.

Note: Pesticide formulations must be identified to, and registered with, the EPA. Manufacturers of pesticide formulations should consult the EPA for information on the procedures required to obtain product registrations.

Click here for detail on pesticide formulations for food and nonfood use, pre- and postharvest and animal applications.

  Solvents and coalescents   Nonfood or food status*
  MPK Nonfood
  MIBK Food (limitations)
  MIAK Nonfood
  MAK Food (limitations)
  DIBK Nonfood
  Ethyl acetate, urethane grade Food (limitations)
  n-Propyl acetate Nonfood
  Isopropyl acetate Nonfood
  n-Butyl acetate Nonfood
  IBIB Nonfood
  EEP ether-ester Nonfood
  2-EH acetate Nonfood
  Glycol ether ester  
  EB acetate Nonfood
  Glycol ethers  
  EP solvent Nonfood
  PM solvent Food (limitations)
  EB solvent Food (limitations)
  DE solvent Food (limitations)
  DB solvent Food (limitations)
  n-Propyl alcohol Food (limitations)
  n-Butyl alcohol Food (limitations)
  2-EH alcohol Food (limitations)
  Eastman Texanol™ ester alcohol Nonfood
  Eastman Omnia™ high-performance solvent Food
  N-Methyl-2-pyrrolidone Food (limitations)

*Based on EPA InertFinder, June 2015. For details on status and specific permissions for food use, visit http://iaspub.epa.gov/apex/pesticides/f?p=101:1: