​Pacur® PETG Foam, Made With Eastman Eastalite™ Copolyester, Is Introduced for Rigid Medical Packaging

New styrene-free, HIPS-alternative material to be showcased at MD&M East

Kingsport, Tenn., USA — June 9, 2015 — Wisconsin-based extruder Pacur, LLC, is introducing its PETG foam, made with Eastman Eastalite™ copolyester, for medical packaging. The opaque, extruded, multilayer product is a durable and cleaner alternative to high-impact polystyrene (HIPS) for opaque rigid medical packaging. Pacur collaborated with Eastman Chemical Company and thermoformer Tek Pak, Inc., to create and launch the new lightweight material.

“Medical companies are looking for materials that are easy to use and environmentally friendly while providing exceptional protection for their products,” said Jim Banko, vice president of sales, Pacur. “Pacur PETG foam meets all of that criteria and more.”

Unique composition for processing, performance advantages
Pacur PETG foam is made from skins of a product familiar to the medical market, Eastman Eastar™ copolyester 6763, and its core is made with Eastman Eastalite™ copolyester. The Eastar copolyester skin layers allow the same heat seal and product contact surfaces that the medical industry trusts. The foamed Eastalite copolyester core provides light weighting and a cushioning effect. Because of this unique structure, the opaque material is shock-absorbent for impact resistance during shipping. When thermoformed into packages, the multilayer sheeting offers a physical barrier to microbes and product protection over the desired shelf life for medical devices.

“Pacur PETG foam was easy to work with and has many qualities we value as a thermoformer,” said Tony Beyer, owner, Tek Pak. “We were able to run the machine faster with the Pacur PETG foam than with an equivalent polystyrene material. We also found it to be cleaner when looking at angel hair and particulate generation. The material is easily trimmed and removed from the forming machine and has a beautiful pearlescent look. Overall, it’s an upscale material that has unique properties compared to other materials in the market.”

Eastman Eastalite™ copolyester
Containers formed from Eastman Eastalite™ copolyester extruded sheet can be designed with deep undercuts and durable living hinges, and exhibit less stress whitening than packaging molded from HIPS. Eastalite also can provide greater tear strength while retaining color stability and functional integrity following sterilization by ethylene oxide (EtO) or gamma irradiation.

Eastman Eastalite™ copolyester is a styrene-free alternative to HIPS and other competitive products. It is made without materials of concern, including butadiene, bisphenol A, bisphenol S, ortho-phthalates or halogens such as chlorine or bromine. The material is compliant with select ISO 10993 requirements for medical device biocompatibility and applicable parts of ISO 11607.

“Eastman Eastalite™ copolyester resonates among processors and thermoformers because of its ease of processing and clean cutting,” said Aneta Clark, market development manager, Eastman Chemical Company. “This is extremely important to us because it allows our value chain collaborators to gain efficiency in their production and even cut out some secondary processes. Through working with Pacur and Tek Pak, we are now able to provide these benefits to the market and demonstrate the potential of Eastalite in opaque medical packaging.”

Pacur will showcase its PETG foam at the Medical Design & Manufacturing East (MD&M East) show, June 9-11, in Booth 1667. Also at the show, Eastman will feature the material at Booth 2180. While there, visitors can test the toughness of Eastman Tritan™ copolyester in the Eastman Batting Cage, where attendees can take a swing at a mug made from Tritan.

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About Pacur, LLC
Founded in 1979, Pacur is an ISO 9001-certified custom sheet extruder, located in Oshkosh, Wisconsin, which specializes in the extrusion of light- and heavy-gauge polyester, copolyester and polypropylene resins for a variety of applications.
Sheet is extruded from various polyester and copolyester resins. In addition, Pacur extrudes a variety of homopolymer and copolymer polypropylenes.

For more information, visit www.pacur.com.

About Tek Pak, Inc.
Tek Pak was founded in 1992 to provide custom carrier tape for the cell phone market. Based in Batavia, Illinois, the company has expanded its original facility and expanded into St. Charles, Illinois, and San Jose, California, with a sales/engineering office in Örebro, Sweden. While the original product, carrier tape for the electronics industry, is still a significant portion of Tek Pak’s business, the company now provides complete thermoforming solutions, including part design, prototyping, tooling, tool repair, short-to-long-run thermoform production, laser trimming, production development services and precision thermoforming of engineering films. Tek Pak, an ISO 13485-certified company, serves the electronics, medical, industrial, food and retail markets.

For more information, visit www.tekpak.com.

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