Basa keeps innovating in the Peruvian market with G&G® bottles made of Tritan™ from Eastman

The bottles can be found in the Peruvian market in six different models.

Lima, Peru — March 25, 2019 — Basa is a company that remains at the vanguard of current market trends, creating solutions that improve the quality of life of its users. When it was time to improve its G&G water bottle line, Basa had many reasons to choose Tritan™ from Eastman.

The bottles have an innovative design and are recognized by their unique functional handle. They are available in a variety of colors and capacities ranging from 430 milliliters to 1.7 liters.

These products facilitate needed hydration regardless of the activity their users perform. By using Tritan in the bottles, G&G sets a new standard for long-lasting aesthetics for bottles that are suitable for office, home and outdoor activities such as picnics and sports.

Basa is dedicated to offering consumers home products with the highest quality, promoting a better quality of life. As a company, its mission is to create products that adapt in a dynamic way to a changing market—and above all to the needs of users who deserve the best. Tritan helps Basa fulfill this mission.

On its tenth anniversary, Tritan remains an innovative and clear plastic manufactured without bisphenol A (BPA) or BPS. It is recognized for its durability and high resistance to impact and temperature changes, so bottles can be filled with cold or hot liquids without experiencing thermal shock, deformation or cracks in the material. Also, bottles made with Tritan can withstand hundreds of washes without microcracking, staining or dulling.

Products in the G&G® and BClear® family do not retain odors or flavors, so consumers can wash and reuse them as needed with no fear of unwanted odors.

In addition, Tritan supports Basa and other brand owners by complying with the protocols of Peruvian laws and the provisions of articles 48 and 49 of Law No. 29459 while they continue to develop products of the highest quality.

According to Rogerio Dias, sales manager of Special Plastics in the Latin America region at Eastman, "Basa successfully commercializes these product lines manufactured with Tritan in Peru through supermarkets, warehouses and specialized stores. Eastman hopes that the toughness and quality of Tritan will help to extend the success of these household products in Latin America."

Basa water bottles, resealable containers, plates, cups, jugs and bowls for the G&G® and BClear® brands manufactured with Tritan, are BPA free.

Basa water bottles, resealable containers, plates, cups, jugs and bowls for the G&G® and BClear® brands
manufactured with Tritan, are BPA free.

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About Basa
BASA is a brand with a long history in the Peruvian market. Producing first-quality plastic, and company has 69 years satisfying the needs of its consumer. The philosophy of the company is to innovate with its products, materials, colors and designs to meet the demands of its audience. Currently, BASA not only supplies the Peruvian market; it also exports to Chile, Bolivia, Ecuador and Colombia, serving adults, youth, children, pets and industry.

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