Eastman Naia™ cellulosic yarn: New, exciting horizons for an enduring Eastman technology

For decades, Eastman scientists have consistently utilized innovative approaches to adapting the company’s world-class technologies to create new and better materials that enhance the quality of life in a material way.

So it’s not surprising that one of the company’s longest-standing technologies has delivered a new name in materials for the intimate apparel market. The technology is cellulose esters, and the material is Eastman Naia™ cellulosic yarn.

GreenBiz, one of the leading sustainability-focused publications, recently featured Eastman Naia prominently in a story on bio-based products that are meeting market demands, and doing it with sustainability in mind. GreenBiz interviewed Glenda Eilo, director of strategic marketing and innovation at Eastman, on the advantages Naia delivers to the intimate apparel market.

Considering some of the performance advantages that Naia offers – an inherently soft feel, as well as various third-party tests that shows it’s twice as breathable as nylon and has the ability to wick away moisture seven times better than polyester – it’s amazing to learn the source raw material of Naia: renewable trees.

Along with the performance advantages and superior feel that consumers can expect from Naia intimate apparel, they can also feel better about how it’s produced.

This cellulosic yarn is made from renewable wood pulp and produced in a near-closed loop process in the United States. All waste is either recycled, reused or offered for resell. Also, solvents used in the production of Naia are recycled back into the system for reuse. Water returned to source streams is routinely tested to ensure the biodiversity of the local river is receiving clean and safe water.

Jennifer Stewart, Eastman’s Vice President of Corporate Innovation, said the exciting story of Naia – which launched in Paris in January 2017 – is a good illustration of Eastman’s approach to innovation.

Cellulose esters is a technology that extends way back in the Eastman history books, all the way back to the 1920s when Eastman began operating its Kingsport site,” said Jennifer Stewart, Eastman’s vice president of Corporate Innovation. “Naia illustrates how we are constantly searching for new ways to innovate with our world-class technologies. We’re able to do that because we have some of the brightest scientific minds – women and men who not only understand our own technologies, but also collaborate more closely than ever with customers so we can understand their needs and applications as well.

“By combining Eastman’s world-class technologies with our emphasis on application development, we’re able to partner with customers to develop innovations that make a material difference for people around the globe.”

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